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The Most Indisputable Social Media Tools for Marketing by Netbasequid

social media tools

Social media marketing is a phenomenal tool to create awareness of your brand without paying for it. However, to dominate the social media, you must equip your campaigns with arsenals of marketing. These tools help understand the trend of the market and facilitate more compelling content to share in these platforms.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is a powerful tool with exceptional tools that help businesses automate tasks for social media platforms.

  • It helps a business owner to manage social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in one page.
  • It enables task automation on your social platforms in a particular set schedule
  • The Social Oomph tools help identify influencers in Twitter accounts through keyword search approach.
  • They offer a free personal suite


A buffer is a scheduling tool for all media platforms, and it is a spectacular marketing tool because;

  • It shortens all the links you would like to share, and it can post them automatically depending on your schedule
  • Buffer tool is up to 25 users enabled meaning you can have a team to work with.
  • It also provides a precise analysis to monitor the performance of your social media platforms.
  • Buffer social media tools enable customized photos and video uploads


Hootsuite is one of major social media tools used by business owners to manage all their accounts at a go. It has outstanding features that can increase your productivity. For example,

  • The Hootsuite marketing tool will secure all the passwords and profile information for your media platforms
  • Hootsuite offers a 30-day trial entity
  • NetbaseQuid will use this tool to facilitate easy access to the platforms which leverage your business and increase productivity.


It is an incredible tool used by professional companies such as NetbaseQuid to market brands and businesses. It will help you beat the competitors since it shows what they are doing and whether it is right or not. Through this process, you can tap new opportunities and maximize the returns. Buzzsumo is a research tool that will help you in:

  • It will enable you to track the competitors’ performance and give analysis on how to beat them
  • It will show the most used content which can help find new ventures
  • The Buzzsumo tool will provide alerts whenever there is a new keyword in the platform.


Tagboard is amongst the best social media tools for marketing. The tool will enable you to monitor your posts on the live screen, and it will also give customization tools for the display. The noblest thing about Tagboard;

  • It allows multiple uses of a display from one channel to another
  • It uses hashtags to collect new information from new posts in the social media
  • Tagboard is social advertising enabled
  • It gives real-time alerts

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a fantastic marketing tool that enables posts recycling, and it also acts as a personal manager. It enables resharing of posts and it also optimizes the overall social media traffic. Meet Edgar optimizes content sharing and boosts audience engagement.

  • The tool is time-saving since you can add a browser extension
  • It enables library creation and new updates which after that update them in bulk
  • It enables recycling of the older posts depending on the set schedule

Professional companies use Meet Edgar as a marketing tool because they can showcase the old posts in a platform to the new followers.

Sprout social

Sprout is among the social media tools in marketing that has revolutionized the old ways of social platforms. It contains collaboration tools and analytics to leverage your business. The most significant thing about this tool builds a collaborative team and easy preservation of conversation. Additionally, the user can manage multiple media platforms.

Social media marketing tools play a vital role in the growth of a brand and professional companies such as NetbaseQuid explore and market businesses using these tools.