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How Does Menopause Affect Sex Life?

Women are regularly convinced by one-track-minded people that menopause will destroy libido and sexual life with the advent of menopause. As a result, they plan to meet this natural process and prepare themselves for the worst. Know, it is not like that. As per experts, menopause differs in ladies, and some may even have increased libido. But, most importantly sex after menopause is possible and more vivid if you take care of your health in advance.

Do Women Enjoy Sex After Menopause?

The first signs of menopause and sex problems may occur in women who hit the perimenopause stage that usually comes in 40-45’s years. They are supported by additional manifestations such as hot flashes, night sweats. But, some state that there is no painful sex after menopause at all. Note, every woman is an individual in her health condition, and you may not notice any issues with intimacy. But, it is better to be safe knowing inside out of this popular symptom. 

Everything depends on the level of hormones, estrogen and progesterone start fluctuating and then decreasing which leads to ailments. For instance, a woman can enjoy menopause sex if she does not have vaginal dryness, one of the symptoms of climax. Then, she can fully get satisfaction if there is normalized libido. If two problems are present, it is necessary to address concerns to the gynecologist, because she will prescribe designated gels for vaginal flora, and hormonal therapy to stabilize libido. 

All in all, women do not only enjoy sex after menopause, but they can also get the satisfaction they have never ever experienced before.

How to Increase Sex Drive After Menopause?

Sex during menopause can be exceptional if ladies follow the next tips. First off, it is always worth consulting doctors because they can spot the cause of the problem and prescribe the right direction in treatment. Remember, your violated sex drive after menopause can be a manifestation of other severe illnesses such as cancer even. 

Secondly, do not neglect the help of menopause sex drive natural remedies. Regularly, only gynecologists can prescribe them based on your tolerance and eligibility. But, you may just surf the Internet acknowledging the choice. Look for the ingredients of Omega 3, vitamins E, B, and Zync. Otherwise, just stick to trying the next sex after menopause tips:

  •  Quit smoking. Nicotine can be responsible for your low drive. Start with reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day;
  •  Avoid stress. What intimacy desire is possible after hard-working days and argues in a family? Find your “distractor”, and start spending more time on your own when you are about to burst out crying;
  •  Use lubrication. If you have vaginal dryness, make sure to use only designated lubrication instead of commercial creams and gels.

Finally, the best sex after menopause can be achieved with the help of roleplays. Do not underestimate their roles even if you think you are too old for such games. It brings new feelings and experiences, and your partner will do his best to make you satisfied.