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Diamond Shapes Explained

If you’re in the process of choosing the perfect diamond ring for a loved one, to pick the ideal ring, it helps to know a little about the different shapes available. This will help you to decide which style suits your loved one the best. Here is a handy diamond shape guide:

Round Brilliant Cut

This is the most popular of diamond shapes, with more than two thirds of diamonds sold being in this shape. One of the reasons for this is the incredible brilliance and light reflection achieved with cutting a diamond in this shape. Round cut brilliant diamonds have 58 facets to shine and sparkle. The cut also provides a timeless elegance and is ideal for necklaces, engagement rings and delicate earrings.

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Princess Cut

This is a more elaborate shape that comes second place in popularity. It is made from an inverted pyramid of a rough diamond and comes in a distinctive square shape. This cut is popular due to its spectacular brilliance, similar to the round cut. A princess cut stone should be mounted with prongs on each of its four corners. If you want the brilliance of a round cut stone but in a square shape, then this is the perfect choice for you. For your choice of Solitaire Enagagement Rings, visit

Emerald Cut

This diamond is so named because it uses the technique designed originally to cut emeralds. It is a diamond shape with a large surface giving it lots of reflective capacity through its various steps and long lines. This cut is available in a square or rectangle shape. Due to the large surface area, inclusions might be more noticeable.

Cushion Cut

This type of diamond cut is so named due to its square shape with rounded edges. It has a stunning beam thanks to its bending and dispersion of light. There are many cut options which gives you the opportunity to use your creativity to design a highly personalised ring. They also offer the benefit of timeless class with a modern twist.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher Brothers of Holland were the first to create this shape in 1902. After the 100th anniversary in 2002 and some slight modifications to the technique of cutting, the Asscher cut surged in popularity again. It has a smaller surface area than the Emerald cut but has more layered facets for dazzling light reflection and 58 facets for extra sparkle.

Pear Shaped

Like a pear, this diamond has a rounded top with sides that narrow to a point. It is a classic and stylish shape and is designed to be worn with the point directed towards the wearer’s heart. Symmetry is important with this cut so that it sparkles perfectly. This shape is also good at hiding any inclusions in the stone.

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Heart Shaped

As the ultimate symbol of love, a heart shaped diamond is an exquisite stone to set in a ring or pendant. A top-quality heart shaped diamond should be symmetrical with the point being distinctive. It is better suited to a higher carat and a three-pronged setting.

Marquise Diamond

This shape of diamond was commissioned by King Louis XIV to replicate the shape of his mistress’ mouth. This ode to a lady’s smile has remained a popular and delightful choice ever since. The narrowness of the diamond looks like an elongated eye and the large crown makes the wearer’s finger look more slender. Symmetry is vital due to its length, so the two points are perfectly aligned.

Advertise Through Bus Shelter Advertising

A key element of marketing is advertising. You can market your business through a variety of advertising means including mail, email, developing your own website, online advertising, newspapers, magazines, television, radio and the phone book. But the most cost-effective way to advertise while making sure that your ad is able to generate results is through Bus Shelter Advertising. Bus shelter advertisements provide high-impact and high-frequency advertising predominantly in metropolitan and affluent residential area. Bus shelter advertisements are one of the few media types with access to upper suburbs where large formats are prohibited, providing highly cost effective, targeted coverage of major metropolitan areas nationally.

Bus shelter advertising is one of the most cost-effective media types available in terms of cost per thousand. It offers high-frequency as well as targeted and focused coverage. It also offers ideal synergy for radio by providing the visual element for a campaign. It can offer you great flexibility because the creative campaign may be walked, rotated or expanded to bus shelters in new areas. This type of Advertising and Marketing is also ideal for short-term, tactical or promotional campaigns.

Bus shelter advertising also offers a lot of benefits for advertisers. Its 24-hour visibility makes it a high-impact medium. It offers brands street presence, public face and impact presence. It also offers fast reach and frequency to neutral demographics. Bus shelters are also the ideal platform for synergy media. Bus shelter advertisements offer unlimited creative concept and flexibility. They also have the potential to generate PR exposure. Bus shelters that are situated near shopping centers will be able to offer point of sale position and thus provide more Effective Advertising, therefore, having creative campaigns in this medium means that the advertisements can easily be geographically targeted.

When you choose this medium of advertising and marketing, you will be able to target supermarket shoppers who are on their way to the point of purchase. You will also have a maximum reach and frequency. You will also be able to target primary school pupils and parents providing daily transport. Other targets include high school pupils, school leavers and tertiary education institutions. Bus shelters in seasonal or coastal regions will be able to target locals and holiday-makers. You will also be able to target consumers with high levels of disposable income.

For more effective advertising through bus shelter advertising, make sure to contact the Best Advertising Agency. in your area. They will be able to provide all the necessary expertise and resources that you need in order to make a successful campaign. They will be able to help you get the best deals, design the most effective campaign, research your target market, and get the perfect medium for your campaign. Creating an effective advertising campaign takes a great deal of time and effort. Most businesses do not have the creative talent and expertise to handle advertising campaigns. Advertising agencies will be able to provide an outside perspective on the product being promoted, bringing with them objectivity that cant be found in an in-house marketing department.

Dentist A Professional Dentist Promotes Oral Health

Although all parts of the body need proper care to be able to just work at their optimum potential, tooth need a bit more attention than all. A person’s tooth encounters a lot of deterioration throughout life, and though they’re designed to be long lasting and function with small problems, tooth which is improperly cared for can cause a whole host of complications.

In addition to impacting a person’s overall look and attraction, tooth which are yellowing, broken, have holes, or have triggered gum disease have the potential to impact a person’s our wellness. Oral problems can cause a buildup of viruses, as well as infections.

Dentists are health-care practitioners properly qualified to supply solutions that sustain, promote and restore good oral wellness. Dentists experience firm competition in dental field, and about 75 % of graduate students set up their solo exercise and have their particular medical center based on study. It’s a good profession move to be a dentist because of the many dental officers who’re getting retirement need new dental experts.

Dentists diagnose and handle problems of one’s teeth and cells in the mouth, making sure that proper care is your happiness to avoid many feature problems. They offer oral wellness education that includes eating plan, flossing, cleaning, as well as the use of fluorides. They are there to continue to offer dental healthcare services to make sure that their tips help to solve these teeth problems.

Most dental shops are open as much as five times a week but they do can work even on Saturdays and Sundays depending on the needs of the affected persons. Some dental treatment centers may stay open for 24 hrs to easily serve the victims. Usually a full-time dentist works up to 40 hours a week but at the present dental centers work more compared hours.

Dentists undergo some specialization in numerous areas of oral care as an orthodontists concentrate on the style one’s teeth using tooth braces. Oral surgeons perform procedures and Children’s dental experts are devoted to dental care for children.

It’s important to select a home dentist not only for the kids, but for the grownups in your family. Routine examinations and cleanings, supported with everyday cleaning and flossing, are truly the best way to make dental care more affordable. Even when you have no insurance policy, examinations done every six months may be planned into the home budget, since this is the only way you can keep your family safe.

Home remedies to treat gum disease?

Fortunately, there are several gum disease home cures which will treat gum problems quickly. You don’t need to spend lots of cash on potentially dangerous products which contain strong substances, costly trips to the dental professional or toothache comfort products. Natural gum treatment home remedies are really efficient and hardly cost anything to use.

Natural gum disease cures

If you search of the web, you will find an extensive variety of gum treatments or gum treatment products. A lot of the products contain natural ingredients and some of the products can work in treating gum illness.

6 Qualities Painting Contractors Must Have

Commercial painters are essential to people with little free time, or no artistic skills. If you live in Washington State, painting contractors in Seattle are glad to help you out with your remodeling projects. Just make sure that the professionals you hire deliver satisfying services, and offer the following qualifications.

1. Proof of Insurance – Painting contractors in Seattle should present you with proof of insurance. The company should also have a state license. You do not want to be held responsible when a work accident occurs on your property.

2. Green solutions – Modern professionals will take the environment into consideration. Materials will be eco-friendly, and the team members are trained in the latest, safest techniques. The company should also be affiliated with IUPAT union training facilities. Their spray booths are monitored by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and checked frequently by an inspector.

3. Color matching – Skilled painting contractors in Seattle are able to match wall colors to samples given to them by their customers. They know several techniques to tackle this task.

4. Quality materials – Established painting contractors in Seattle will never use inferior materials. Sure, they can save a few dollars, but the customer will not be pleased, as the paint job will be disappointing. Customer satisfaction always comes first.

5. Multiple services – You know that you are dealing with a true professional painting company when you can request more than simple interior or exterior wall painting. A well-known painting contractor will also install wall coverings, complete wall upholstery, and has a state-of-the-art temperature controlled down-draft dual Plenum spray booth. This equipment piece will allow the contractor to apply paint to almost any surface.

6. Complete satisfaction – To establish and maintain an impeccable reputation, true painting contractors in Seattle will go the extra mile. They will go beyond the call of duty to complete a project successfully. According to advertising experts, word of mouth is still the most effective way to promote a business, and contractors know it!

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Top trends in windows for 2018

When it comes to making home improvements, the importance of good windows should not be underestimated.

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A report in Home Logic suggests that double glazed windows will add roughly 10% of your house’s value back onto it. Triple glazed windows may add even more. But aside from the efficiency of your windows, what are the other trends that you should consider if you are thinking about replacing your windows?


The primary purpose of windows it to allow light and air into a property. This year there has been an emphasis on windows that maximise the amount of light that can get in. One way to achieve this is by opting for windows with the smallest frame possible – aluminium frames are sleek and slim thus making the most of the size the window by using the biggest glass panel possible. When replacing windows, don’t always go for the exact same style that was there before. If you don’t use your fan lights then consider a full pane instead.

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Airy and industrial

Open plan living is popular in both homes and workplaces. The openness and airy feel promotes light, sociability and interaction. So many homeowners are opting to knock down walls to create open plan living spaces. However, in instances where this isn’t possible, another popular trend is to use glass window partitions – a style that also taps into the popular ‘industrial’ theme that is prevalent in many contemporary properties. This is a trend that is as stylish as it is functional – areas are cleverly divided while still offering that open plan vibe and using modern materials such as steel and aluminium to create window frames that give a sleek and stylish interior.

Energy efficiency

As mentioned, the energy efficiency of your windows will play a major part in the value they add to your home. Good windows may also end up paying for themselves in the costs that they save you on your energy bills. If you want to speak to experts in windows Tewkesbury ( has a range offering technologically advanced methods of making your windows more efficient such as coatings, low-u values and e-glass, all designed to keep your costs down.

These trends focus on keeping your windows stylish and efficient, so don’t disregard their value in your next window replacements.