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Equipping the modern family car for the Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever considered how you’d get about in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse? If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead then it doesn’t seem to be much of a problem to use cars that you find on the road as they all seem to be fully fuelled up and ready to go with the minimum of fuss. Nor does it appear that the petrol or diesel degrades. Still it’s as well as to be prepared for such things and there are a few simple steps to take to ensure that your car is ready for this end of days event. You might well own a nice little motor that would not look out of place on a Car lap tray. In fact, you can have a look at options for this at the following website Let’s start with the basics. One quick note, tempting though it is to turn the thing into a Mad Max style spike laden monstrosity right from the outset, please don’t. It will only cause disgusted looks from the neighbours and if the reports don’t turn out to be true about the dead rising then you’re going to look pretty foolish and over the top for the school run.

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Remove the windows and fit grills instead. It is a classic mistake to think that toughened glass is able to withstand a good battering from a zombie horde, but it won’t stand up to this intensity for any great length of time and one of the windows is bound to go. One of the earliest errors made is that you should be tempted to shoot your way out thus breaking the glass anyway. As we shall see fuel consumption will be of a paramount importance so you’re not going to have the air con on anyway. If it gets cold put your coat on and buy some goggles.

Driving technique. As we have briefly touched on with the air con it is very good idea to driving conservatively and slowly to conserve fuel. Remember Zombies are slow, it’s very unlikely that there will be any running ones as it is medically proven fact their legs will snap off at the ankles. Also, there maybe a lot of rubbish and other cars left abandoned by people who haven’t read this article.
Ensure that the car is properly serviced. This should happen anyway but the last thing you’ll want is a dodgy fan belt on the A46 as swarm of the dead are slowly meandering their way up the hill to get you.

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Don’t stop for passengers, and if you do check for bites. Well, best of luck see you on the road to the Highlands.

The delights of the Autumn season

Autumn is one of the most loved times of year, mainly due to the array of colours that our trees turn during this period along with it being the time of harvest. Sitting in your house all snuggled up with a blanket on the sofa with your heating turned on and in good working order thanks to who conduct Boiler servicing in Gloucester, is one of the main reasons people like this time of year.

The delights of the Autumn season

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Autumn begins on the 22nd or 23rd September depending on when the Autumn equinox occurs – this is governed by the planet’s orbit around the Sun. This very occasionally occurs on the 24th September as the Gregorian calendar (which was adopted in 1582) is not perfectly in sync with the obit of the sun. This happened in 1931 and will occur again in 2303. As this date can change each year meteorologists developed their own start date for Autumn in order keep accurate records. The meteorological start of Autumn is 1st September each year. Equinox is a Latin word that means – equi (equal) and nox (night). It is used to define the period of time when the day-time and night-time (in terms of light) are of equal length. The Spring Equinox is what signals the end of the equal timings.


Watching the colours of the leaves on the tress tun golden yellow, orange and red is a sight that many people enjoy, and it begins once the daylight time starts to decrease. The scientific reason for this I that as the daylight decreases there is less light available for the plants to use in photosynthesis, this means that the trees reduce their food production and the amount of chlorophyll produced creating the vivid colours and the leaves ultimately falling from the trees.  The reduction of chlorophyll in the leaves means that other chemicals increase such as carotenoids, flavonoids and anthocyanins – these are the same chemicals that produce the colour in an egg yolk and in carrots.

The delights of the Autumn season

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Greek mythology states that the starting of Autumn was caused by Demeter (she was the Goddess of the Harvest) when her daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Hades and forced to be the Queen of the Underworld. As a result of her pain at losing her daughter, Demeter caused all the leaves on the trees and crops to die and did not reverse this until her daughter was returned – this is what we now know as Spring.



A couple of influential women in the UK fashion industry.

The world of fashion and design in particular is a very competitive one. It is however an incredibly rewarding one. Having one of your collections displayed for all to see on the runway of one of the worlds many credible fashion shows must be an incredible feeling. The designs that are shown each year then influence the fashion trends for the rest of that year. There are many incredible clothes designers for both female and male clothing. This article will look at two of the most influential female designers but Mens designer shirts in many different styles and brands like Farah Shirts are created by both female and male designers across the globe.

In the UK we have been blessed with some amazing designers both past and present who have inspired many home sewers and fashion students alike. There are many designers of both genders that have influenced the fashion industry and to mention them all would require an entire book on the subject to be written! So here are a few snippets about two of the UK’s top female designers:

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Dame Vivienne Westwood – She is one of the most well-known British designers and her popularity and sheer brilliance in designing clothing is evident in that she has had a career in the fashion world that has spanned over five decades. She has been credited with bringing about the fashion genre punk and in the 1970s her items were influenced by the use of tartan as a material with the inclusion of chains and safety pins in the designs. Westwood is probably best known nowadays for her figure hugging; corset style dresses and continues to draw in new fans of her style.

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Stella McCartney – She is a designer who started her passion for all things fashion off as a student and then carved herself an impressive career in the industry. Before establishing her own label in 2001 she was the Creative Director of the French brand Chloe. Her own label shows her talents for beautifully tailored items and she is a designer that is well respected and popular with celebrities and her pieces are often shown being worn at red carpet events. She is a designer who stands by her beliefs and principles and as a vegetarian she refuses to work with any animal derived materials such as leather and fur.

As previously mentioned there are numerous other designers just as influential as Westwood and McCartney and look out for future articles that will talk about some of these individuals.

Running your own business can be time consuming

Anyone who has ever run their own business or worked in the higher levels of management know how hard it is to take time away from work. The time when you could take two weeks holiday every year to somewhere nice and sunny seems like a distant memory. However, it is become more and more important in this fast-paced world that we do take time out from our busy work lives, even if this is just for a few hours each day.


Well, there is a way that you can take some well-deserved time away from your work and still feel like you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business and be available for your clients and colleagues. Communication companies are making the most of their connections with voip wholesale carrier companies and providing an intuitive VoIP communication package and an International voip wholesale provider like can help.

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So, what is VoIP? The acronym stands for Voice over the Internet Protocol and is essential a way by which you can remain in contact with those people key to your business whilst you are sunning yourself on the beach. All you need is an internet connection of some description. Your clients need not ever know that you are away, you can carry on with business as usual. Instead of having to pay for landline costs or costly mobile phone packages you can make the most of the VoIP technology an utilise the free WiFi in your holiday or elsewhere at your holiday destination.


VoIP systems offer so much more than just the ability to be able to make and rece ive telephone calls on the same telephone number that you use in the office. The system allows for you to transfer the calls to any other relevant person, you can also have any answer message transcripts emailed to you, so you can sift through any of the calls you have received with ease and decide which ones you want to deal with immediately, which can wait until later and which ones you may want to pass over to a colleague or virtual assistant to deal with on your behalf.


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It is not only the fact that it allows you to take a break away from the office that makes VoIP a popular communication system option. This year bad weather at the beginning of the year caused some companies to have to close for a few hours and some even for a day or two due to staff not being able to get into the office. With VoIP this doesn’t become such an issue as you can log into your system portal and have calls diverted to staff mobiles so that your business can run smoothly despite the bad weather. The system also benefits those businesses that are relocating as once your internet system is up and running you can simply plug in your telephone system and you are up and running again with exactly the same telephone number as you had before.

Diamond Shapes Explained

If you’re in the process of choosing the perfect diamond ring for a loved one, to pick the ideal ring, it helps to know a little about the different shapes available. This will help you to decide which style suits your loved one the best. Here is a handy diamond shape guide:

Round Brilliant Cut

This is the most popular of diamond shapes, with more than two thirds of diamonds sold being in this shape. One of the reasons for this is the incredible brilliance and light reflection achieved with cutting a diamond in this shape. Round cut brilliant diamonds have 58 facets to shine and sparkle. The cut also provides a timeless elegance and is ideal for necklaces, engagement rings and delicate earrings.

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Princess Cut

This is a more elaborate shape that comes second place in popularity. It is made from an inverted pyramid of a rough diamond and comes in a distinctive square shape. This cut is popular due to its spectacular brilliance, similar to the round cut. A princess cut stone should be mounted with prongs on each of its four corners. If you want the brilliance of a round cut stone but in a square shape, then this is the perfect choice for you. For your choice of Solitaire Enagagement Rings, visit

Emerald Cut

This diamond is so named because it uses the technique designed originally to cut emeralds. It is a diamond shape with a large surface giving it lots of reflective capacity through its various steps and long lines. This cut is available in a square or rectangle shape. Due to the large surface area, inclusions might be more noticeable.

Cushion Cut

This type of diamond cut is so named due to its square shape with rounded edges. It has a stunning beam thanks to its bending and dispersion of light. There are many cut options which gives you the opportunity to use your creativity to design a highly personalised ring. They also offer the benefit of timeless class with a modern twist.

Asscher Cut

The Asscher Brothers of Holland were the first to create this shape in 1902. After the 100th anniversary in 2002 and some slight modifications to the technique of cutting, the Asscher cut surged in popularity again. It has a smaller surface area than the Emerald cut but has more layered facets for dazzling light reflection and 58 facets for extra sparkle.

Pear Shaped

Like a pear, this diamond has a rounded top with sides that narrow to a point. It is a classic and stylish shape and is designed to be worn with the point directed towards the wearer’s heart. Symmetry is important with this cut so that it sparkles perfectly. This shape is also good at hiding any inclusions in the stone.

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Heart Shaped

As the ultimate symbol of love, a heart shaped diamond is an exquisite stone to set in a ring or pendant. A top-quality heart shaped diamond should be symmetrical with the point being distinctive. It is better suited to a higher carat and a three-pronged setting.

Marquise Diamond

This shape of diamond was commissioned by King Louis XIV to replicate the shape of his mistress’ mouth. This ode to a lady’s smile has remained a popular and delightful choice ever since. The narrowness of the diamond looks like an elongated eye and the large crown makes the wearer’s finger look more slender. Symmetry is vital due to its length, so the two points are perfectly aligned.