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What are the Hidden Costs of Moving House?

Thinking of moving house? You may have already found the property you want and lodged an offer, but that is not the end of the strain on your finances. There are several further costs you will face until the move is completed.

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Your first port of call if you are selling a property as well as purchasing will be an estate agent. As a vendor, you are responsible for their fees, which are normally 1 to 3% of the sale price plus VAT of 20%


The next set of professional fees you will be faced with is your licensed conveyancer or solicitor, who will usually have a set fee that you should negotiate at the outset. Legal fees are typically £850 to £1,500. There are also a number of disbursements to pay for relating to local searches carried out to check local planning issues and other problems. A VAT levy will be applied to the final bill of 20%.

Another major cost is Stamp Duty payable on homes valued over £125,000, although first-time buyers will pay nothing on the first £300,000 when the property is valued at up to £500,000.

Since 2016, there is a 3% surcharge if you are buying a second residential property above £40,000.

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Before buying a new home, you will want to carry out a survey. If you are looking at property in South Wales and need a home buyers survey Cardiff offers many options that can be found online at sites such as


You will probably be using a mortgage to purchase your new property, and fees may apply to this, such as a booking fee, the mortgage valuation costs, and even an arrangement fee that could reach thousands of pounds. Although it may be difficult to settle these fees at the time, try to avoid adding them to your mortgage as this will mean paying interest on the amount during the life of the mortgage.

Once all the steps of the purchase have been completed, you will need to arrange to move into the property.

The British Association of Removers will provide estimates for their approved firms.

The average cost is between £300 and £600, although you could carry out the work yourself. Your existing insurance may cover your move, especially if you are using a professional removal company.

What are sports drills?

You might have heard people talk about the exercises known as drills but do not know exactly what they involve. Here are some details about what sports drill are, their significance and why they are an integral part of training in any sport:

Completing drills means exercises that use a range of repetitive exercises or activities. A drill will concentrate on specific skills, whether it’s catching a ball, footwork agility, hitting the ball, running or other repetitive activities that help performance in sports. A drill can only be considered effective if practiced correctly and make a valuable contribution to certain sporting activities. All practices will be using some form of drill, but it is important that it has a positive impact on the performance and achievements of individuals or teams. a good coach and trainer will use exercise as a major asset in the schedule of their teaching.

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Why drills are vital

The effectiveness of exercise drills is found in the impact they have on muscle memory. To achieve excellence in sports, an athlete must be able to move freely without conscious thought, know exactly how to respond and have different muscle groups react instinctively. An athlete’s body needs them to react almost automatically. Muscle memory level is the result of teaching the muscles how to do the practice repeatedly until the activity can be completed without having to think about it.

Some of these abilities come naturally to very talented athletes and sportsmen and women, while others need to hang on to train the muscles to react to certain commands. It requires willpower and absolute focus to learn the correct techniques and then keep repeating it until you can react without thinking methodical process.

Exercise drills sound like they may be boring but there are many ways to make them fun and enjoyable. Some trainers will use a mix of exercises in rapid-fire succession that make things interesting but still focus on a particular skill set. A variety of exercises that are implemented using different approaches can keep the athletes involved and still work hard. For new Rugby Drills, visit

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With the intelligent use of drills as part of a training program, a player can drastically improve their skills and results. Most coaches will use a variety of exercises thoroughly planned in accordance with the training plan and have the athlete repeat it time and again to increase precision. A very good coach will know the area they need to cover, how they can do it with practice and being able to identify the areas most vulnerable and the exercise drills that will address that issue. The key is to stay in focus and continue until a positive result is visible.

As well as knowing which exercises to use, a good coach will also understand the desired duration of each drill and how many times it should be repeated for the best results. The best method seems squarely aimed exercises performed in short bursts of high intensity and repeated several times each session.

Commercial kitchens in a small spaces need clever design

The actual floor area of a kitchen is not the most important consideration when designing a commercial kitchen. The aim is to create an efficient and safe space for food preparation, and attention to ergonomics is most important to ensure that the kitchen will be both practical and profitable.

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Your menu

First, make a list of the types of food that are likely to be prepared in the kitchen. Specify storage and preparation methods for each group so that you know what type of equipment you need for all the foods you may want to include on the menu in the future.


List all the equipment you will need to incorporate in the kitchen. Include measurements where you can to ensure that your plans are going to work out in practice. Remember to allow for plenty of counter space for food preparation and storage areas like a Shelving Ireland company can provide at sites like . All your equipment, from commercial refrigeration to ovens and fryers, will have to comply with industry safety standards. If you’re unsure of exactly what you need, you could attend the Commercial Kitchen Show at the NEC in Birmingham in June. Details can be found in The Caterer.

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One of the best places to buy the equipment you need is online. It is simple to order what you need from kitchen suppliers because they can be supplied quickly when you need it.

The site

You may already have a site, or you might be looking for somewhere suitable. As long as you have calculated the space you need to fit the equipment you need, the next step is to measure your chosen space accurately and sketch a plan. Remember to include doors and windows and where the existing services such as plumbing, drainage, air conditioning, and electricity are situated.


Think about how space will be used in your kitchen. You are aiming for maximum efficiency and functionality, but safety has to be the number one factor. You need to allow plenty of space for free movement when your employees are moving bulky items or carrying hot spots in the kitchen, but not so much that they have to walk excessive distances in the course of their duties. If the kitchen is badly planned, staff can suffer fatigue and are likely to be at greater risk of accidents.

Six Common First-Date Style Mistakes

A first date is right up there in the what-to-wear stress stakes because we inherently care about what people think of us, and we want them to like us. There are suggestions to help make it easier.

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1.    Showy or Ambitious Clothes

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Keep it understated for a first date with relatively neutral styles and colors It’s about playing safe and letting your personality shine.

2.    Showing Too Much Flesh

Being confident enough to show off bare skin is attractive, but that doesn’t mean you actually have to do it. Just suggesting skin or showing a flash can be extremely sexy. Show one area at any time, whether that is legs, back, shoulders or cleavage.

3.    Getting the Date Wrong

A first date is an exciting time! You want to impress, and you want to make sure it becomes a second date, but it is worth factoring in the venue. You don’t want to be completely over-dressed in a stunning dress a navy maxi dress if you’re only going to the local pub. Save your AX Paris navy maxi dress for a special occasion.

4.    Appearing Unapproachable

A first date is the time when you want to look relaxed and comfortable. If you look at ease, then your date will feel much more at ease too.

5.    Too Much Make-up

Make-up for a first date should accentuate your features and not offer a mask to hide behind. It’s about finding a balance between looking like you’ve made an effort and being distracting.

6.    Worrying Too Much

People get far too stressed about what to wear on a first date, and most of the time the worry is so completely unfounded. It might be more telling to see how you feel about the subsequent dates and how much thought you put info those outfits; if you find it easier, you know you’re relaxing in the other person’s company, and if you really don’t care at all, then perhaps this relationship isn’t going anywhere.

For more tips on how to make sure you’re wearing the right thing on your date, see the suggestions from The Telegraph.

These tips of course are suggestions rather than rules, and ultimately you should wear something that makes you feel like yourself, and that above everything is the most important part.

Which Used Cars Best Hold Their Value?

We’re not all lucky enough to be able to afford to buy a brand-new car straight from the showroom, and there are many of us who don’t want to either, preferring to find ourselves a little gem amongst the hundreds of thousands of used cars on the market today.

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The used car market in the UK is huge, with more than six million second-hand cars being sold every year, and it’s not surprising given that, according to the AA, a brand new car has lost sixty per cent of its value within the first three years of ownership. But which used cars hold their value best?

Used Cars Which Hold Their Value
All cars will lose their value over time – it’s a simple fact of life. But some depreciate at a slower rate than others. As a general rule of thumb, many cars which are mass-produced hold their value best as they are in great demand. That being said, there are certain badges and rare models that also hold their value well. But, of course, it’s not always easy to predict which cars will still be popular, or rare, within three to five years.

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As well as depreciation, it’s also worth considering the varying costs involved in running and maintaining a particular type of car if you’re trying to choose between more than one with similar purchase prices.

The Difference Between Insuring New and Used Cars
Because brand-new cars lose so much value so quickly, there is often a need to add gap insurance to standard motor insurance. This type of insurance covers the significant initial drop in value should an accident occur in the first year or so of ownership.

Of course, personal car insurance is nothing in comparison to the cost of motor trade insurance. But companies such as specialise in this area and can often offer competitive quotes to those in the business.

Aside from considering insurance, there are some other things to consider when buying a used car, though. If you’re buying privately, make sure that the car hasn’t been stolen or written off previously. There’s also a risk that there may be outstanding finance secured against a vehicle you’re intending to buy, so an HPI check is a worthwhile investment.