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Retracing My Steps from the Night Before

I misplaced my watch last week after going out on the weekend. I made a date with an escort from a Utah escort service, and we had a wild night. We took a cab back to my hotel room because neither of us were in a condition to drive. When I woke up the next morning, I had a massive hangover and couldn’t find my watch. Neither I nor the escort could find it, so I had to retrace my steps to see where I might have left it that night. The first thing I did was call the cab company to see if one of their drivers had picked it up.

None of the cab drivers saw the watch in any of their cabs, or even remember me coming into the cab with a watch. I was sure I had it on before it got in the cab, but it appeared that I didn’t. Before getting into the cab, I was at a bar with the escort, so I went there to see if the bartender had seen the watch, or if anyone had turned it in as lost. The bartender said pretty much the same thing that the cab company said. If I didn’t come into the bar with a watch, then the only place it could be was the restaurant that I went to before I came there.

I called the owner of the restaurant to see if they had found a watch and they did. They asked me to describe it to them to make sure that it was actually mine. It was a gold watch with roman numerals and my name inscribed on the watch back. When I told the restaurant owner this, he confirmed that it was my watch and that I could come pick it up anytime. The watch must have fell off my arm without me noticing during dinner.

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The Bad Times Are over

I found out that my girlfriend had cheated on me with one of my best friends and broke things off with her. My friend tried to apologize, but I cut off all contact with him. I wanted nothing to do with either one of them. I was so mad about what happened that I thought about it all of the time. A friend got in touch with an agency that has escorts in Las Vegas Nevada and made a date for me with one to help me forget about the betrayal that my ex-girlfriend and ex-best friend had done to me.

I was thinking that it was a little bit too soon to be going out with anyone, but my friend insisted that the best way to forget about one woman is to get with another one. Continue reading