Top trends in windows for 2018

When it comes to making home improvements, the importance of good windows should not be underestimated.

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A report in Home Logic suggests that double glazed windows will add roughly 10% of your house’s value back onto it. Triple glazed windows may add even more. But aside from the efficiency of your windows, what are the other trends that you should consider if you are thinking about replacing your windows?


The primary purpose of windows it to allow light and air into a property. This year there has been an emphasis on windows that maximise the amount of light that can get in. One way to achieve this is by opting for windows with the smallest frame possible – aluminium frames are sleek and slim thus making the most of the size the window by using the biggest glass panel possible. When replacing windows, don’t always go for the exact same style that was there before. If you don’t use your fan lights then consider a full pane instead.

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Airy and industrial

Open plan living is popular in both homes and workplaces. The openness and airy feel promotes light, sociability and interaction. So many homeowners are opting to knock down walls to create open plan living spaces. However, in instances where this isn’t possible, another popular trend is to use glass window partitions – a style that also taps into the popular ‘industrial’ theme that is prevalent in many contemporary properties. This is a trend that is as stylish as it is functional – areas are cleverly divided while still offering that open plan vibe and using modern materials such as steel and aluminium to create window frames that give a sleek and stylish interior.

Energy efficiency

As mentioned, the energy efficiency of your windows will play a major part in the value they add to your home. Good windows may also end up paying for themselves in the costs that they save you on your energy bills. If you want to speak to experts in windows Tewkesbury ( has a range offering technologically advanced methods of making your windows more efficient such as coatings, low-u values and e-glass, all designed to keep your costs down.

These trends focus on keeping your windows stylish and efficient, so don’t disregard their value in your next window replacements.