The best of the best from France

France is well known for its beautiful cuisine and equally beautiful restaurants. The atmosphere is set from the moment you walk in being greeted and shown to your seat, give the wine list to choose from and then you sit patiently enjoying the surrounding waiting for your food to arrive. The behind the scenes image is very different. Kitchen staff are working hard over their Lincat SLR6 Silverlink 600 commercial oven (I wonder if they looked at when they were purchasing their equipment) and dishes are being prepared in their hundreds for the waiting staff to collect from the hot plate and calmly deliver to the restaurant floor. Chefs throughout the world have become famous for the food they serve and the restaurants that they take to Michelin star level. In France there are many such chefs.


Here are just a few of the top French Chefs.


  • Jean-Christophe Novelli began his long-standing career as a chef aged just 19 years old when we worked for Elie de Rothschild as a personal chef. A move to Britain in 1983 saw him work for the likes of Keith Floyd in his pub ‘The Maltsters’. Jean-Christophe has opened at least four of his own establishments and also runs the Novelli Academy which just shortly after opening was noted as in the top 25 best cookery schools worldwide.


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  • Alain Passard combines his passion for good food and a desire to protect the impact we have on the environment by only sourcing seasonal organically produced ingredients for his restaurant and it is this that earnt him three Michelin stars by the time he was 26 years old. Alain creates his dishes a bit like a painter creates a masterpiece. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its flavours and textures and for how it will compliment the other ingredients in the dish. His restaurant L’Arpege is locate din Paris and it also owns three gardens in various locations in France which supply the restaurant with fresh produce.


  • Anne-Sophie Pic is the daughter of Jacques Pic a well-known chef. Anne-Sophie has had no formal training but having lived most of her life above the family restaurant and having been surrounded by cooking her whole life it is no wonder that she became the fourth women to be awarded three Michelin star and she was also awarded the World’s Best Female Chef award.

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There are just three of the top Chefs to hail from France. A quick Google search will find lots more.