Scary Movies: A Unique and Varied Movie Genre

Scary Movies are not able to be lumped into one large group. There are a variety of styles within this genre, all of which encourage loyal fans. The fan base itself is equally diverse including people from all age groups and all walks of life. Some enjoy a good scary movie marathon around Halloween, while others watch nothing else.

Probably the most commercially popular of the scary movies are those that offer a tense story line with few scenes of actual violence. This is the traditional haunted house movie or those based on themes like the historic black and white monster movies. These films often have the most in-depth script and developed characters.

Popular with most teenagers, and many adults as well, are the slasher films. These have little in the way of scripts and believable story lines, but have more than their share of blood and gore. Some very popular movie franchises developed out of these types of films, particularly during the 1980s.

An additional popular type of scary movie are those that pair campy humor with horror. Many of these films become cult classics because of their mix of often juvenile, but still enjoyable humor and very tragic, bloody outcomes.

Finally, there are the creature films. This type of movie encompasses everything from aliens to zombies. There are giant spiders, vampires and werewolves. In this style the movies can be campy, like the Japanese Godzilla movies or the 1950s Creature from the Black Lagoon, but they will also often have their own share of genuine scary moments as well. Well-done creature films are not uncommon and many are so expertly crafted they can have viewers jumping at shadows days later.

Directors have created scary movies in black and white, high definition color or on shaky cellphones. All have a unique atmosphere all their own. Since a lot of what is considered good or bad in this genre is really based on the opinions of the people who watch them, it is difficult to rate one against another. The only way to truly judge what is best is to turn off the lights and watch a marathon. The movie that makes the watcher turn the lights back on before they take their bathroom break, wins.