If You Think You Understand Electronics, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Get To Know Electronic Cigarettes

Do you need to produce a great gift for a smoker? Are you a smoker who wanted a breath of fresh air this New Year? This revolutionary known as the electronic cigarette or e-cig may pick up your interest.

The electronic cigarette or the e-cig is a smoking simulator that functions exactly the same as traditional cigarettes. If a smoker has decided to lessen the use of over-the-counter cigarettes but still like the pleasure from it, they might want to start considering a healthy option to this which is in the form of e-cigs or electronic cigarettes.

Common cigarettes tend to cause health risks but e-cigs or electronic cigarettes lets out a vapour that appears like smoke but does not smell anything, reason why it is said to be healthier. The container in which the chemicals are located can be refilled when using an electronic cigarette, with various nicotine levels according to the smoker’s choices. The smoker can do up to 100 puffs before refilling the cartridge of the electronic cartridge, which makes it very much functional more than the traditional ones.

See the three parts of the electronic cigarette below.

One part is the battery which is somewhat similar to the appearance of the white long cigars of a traditional cigarette.

The battery attaches to a silver material known as the atomizer, another part of the electronic cigarette.

Third is the refill cartridge disused earlier, which is inside a brown mouthpiece made out of plastic.

Experienced smokers use a lithium battery with the electronic cigarette to atomize the liquid solution inside the refill cartridge. As soon as the smoker inhales the cigarette with his or her month, this electronic connectivity ignites this atomizer. Sometimes, a light is lit at the tip of the electronic cigarette when a smoker starts inhaling and puffing. Not only can a user recharge using a small charger that comes with a power line and a plug but he or she can also connect the charger with a USB or car charging device.

The electronic cigarette can usually develop into an addiction on the pleasures of smoking, especially when the user tries to puff smoke when braving the winter outside the house or the office building. How it tries to change preferences and lifestyles is making electronic cigarettes such as revolutionary habit. The electronic cigarette is said to be a safe way because it prevents others from being affected by the smell of nicotine such as that experienced in traditional sticks.

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigs have health and hygienic benefits such as mitigating the risks of cancer because of the chemicals and improvement in the external appearance of the smoker, which can be seen on the skin, teeth and fingers. Aside from water and nicotine, the refill cartridges are said to contain propylene glycol or dry ice and flavoring.

Electronic cigarettes are also cost-efficient. It provides a cheaper alternative from traditional cigarette sticks.