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Land with Timber Can be a Very Valuable Asset Land and timber, even when independent of the other both have value. Sometimes when land with timber on it sells, the new owner will harvest some of that timber and make as much money as they paid for the land. When something like this happens, the buyer clearly knows something that the seller did not. The buyer knew what they were looking for and the person selling the land did not know what they had. If you are buying or selling, or are an agent for someone that is, then you need to have special knowledge or both land and timber. You should have knowledge of the value of different types of timber. Land that has scattered timber might not be worth much, but other timber might be a very valuable asset. If you have land that has thick timber and is somewhat close to a mill, you will have very valuable ground, it could sell for more than $10,000 per acre or maybe more. When selling or buying land that has timber, you need to be aware of the value of the timber. A buyer could use the standing as a way to pay for his investment, or they could turn it into an immediate profit. Forestry-land consultants could provide you with some good advice so that you know what you are getting into before you start buying or selling timber. Negotiations sometime take place because the two side will value the timber at different values. This is fairly common with other resources such as gold, silver, and even fresh water.
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There is more that goes into the cost then just the value of the timber, the buyer and seller should also know how much it will cost to harvest all of the timber. The buyer and the seller should both know the procedure to determine the value of timber. If you do not know the procedure then a agent or broker should be able to help in this situation. Some of the things that you need to be able to do for this is understand maps, measure acreage, inventory of timber, uses of the product, and the market value.
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As you know by know, there are different forms and types of timber. People that participate in this type of real estate need to know the types of timber, available sales, and how the sales work. There are also computer programs that can help in determining the growth and yield of specific types of timber, this is a great tool for brokers and agents, it will help them better server their clients.